Settimo Torinese


Settimo Torinese is a “comune” in the Metropolitan City of Turin, in Piedmont, Italy. The name “settimo” means “seventh”, and it comes from the comune’s distance from Turin, which is seven Roman miles. Its territory faced big urban changes in the last 50 years starting from a small village based on agricultural activities until becoming a town of almost 50.000 inhabitants. In the area of Settimo Torinese several important industries are located which will foresee the construction of a technological and indutrial center for “Pirelli” group.

Settimo has also started a few years ago the process to become a smart city thanks to the digitalization of some procedures, the collection and open availability of data as well as the improvement of electric charging infrastructure. Ongoing discussions are instead related to the chance of the municipality to set up an action plan for sustainable energy which will contribute to increase the energy efficiency and to incentivize the use of renewable energy sources.

The Municipality of Settimo Torinese is undergoing this process of renovation with the aim to become a smart city thanks to several initiatives, among which there is the improvement of electric charging infrastructure. For this reason, it is involved in the definition of a strategic plan to develop a recharging infrastructure scheme through the positioning of fast re-charge points along the city (some of them are already installed).  This is part of a broaden national plan for the e-mobility which will foresee the installation of several recharge points in many Italian locations.