The activities in the project “SIMPLY POSITIVE” are structured into following eight work packages:

  • In WP 1 the four Focus Regions will be analysed.
  • WP2 concludes the Expert Support Facility.
  • In WP 3 the current status of the Positive Energy District framework is verified and for esixting urban regions further developed.
  • WP 4 is the core of the project, where innovative strategies for reaching a positive energy balance will be developed with the cooperation of the specific focus districts ant its competence partners.
  • In WP 5 a digital tool for monitoring and visualisation of the progress on the pathway towards positive energy will be created.
  • In WP6 in cooperation with the Focus Districts different participation concepts are assessed in ordered to gain maximal support of cities all over Europe to create their own Positive Energy Districts and Neighborhoods with the strategic goal of energy autarky of the complete urban areas.
  • WP 8 is the Project Management and WP7 contains all dissemination activities.