Reșița (with approximately 85964 inhabitants) is the residence city of Caraș-Severin county and located in the Western Region of Romania. Reșita is recognized as one of the older industrial cities in Romania with a history of more than 250 years. Industrial heritage and ethnic diversity are considered important elements of pride, associated with the city’s identity. City growth, transformation and modernization is the priority of the current management, considering the reduced own budget, the solution found was accessing European funds, having at this moment, in implementation, projects worth more than 120,000,00.00 EURO. Modern transport, new bicycle lanes, bicycle share system via mobile app, energy efficient and modernized kindergartens, schools and high-schools, housing construction for disadvantaged communities and multicultural centers, should contribute to the vitality and comfort of the city’s inhabitants, making Resita a better city to live and work in. One of the key focuses of the municipality is also energy efficiency of its district considering environmental concerns, the EU strategies but also the economic added value towards its citizens and community as a whole.

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